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Internet2/ Oracle Dyn DDoS Agreement Updated

May 24, 2018, by Linda Roos
Tags: Advanced Networking, Oracle + Dyn, Recent Posts

Internet2 is partnering with Oracle Dyn (formerly Zenedge) to offer cloud-based volumetric DDoS Mitigation Service. A number of community members have implemented the service and others are negotiating agreements for the service. Internet2 and Oracle Dyn agreed that, before the end of the first year of the agreement, they would evaluate the cloud-based volumetric DDoS agreement that they had signed in May of 2017. That evaluation began last fall and during the 2017 Technology Exchange, the users of the service provided input to proposed changes to the fees with that feedback being used as input to the two year amendment (through June 30, 2020) that Internet2 and Oracle Dyn recently signed. Subscriber fees will remain the same while Tenant and Monitored Router (RapidBGP) fees will be decreased slightly. The major change to the agreement is that a new category called a Sub-tenant will be created. Sub-tenants include all organizations behind a Subscriber that have a public Autonomous System Number (ASN) and that choose not to be a Tenant. Those organizations eligible for e-Rate funds (e.g., K12 and libraries) are exempt from this fee. Subscribers will procure 5-packs of Sub-tenants with the first 5-pack included in the Subscriber fee. If you have questions regarding the DDoS Mitigation Service, please send a note to