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Human Network and Important Connections: NSRC-Internet2 Fellow's Reflection on Participating at 2018 Global Summit

May 18, 2018, by Sara Aly
Tags: 2018 Internet2 Global Summit, African Research and Education Community, Frontpage News, International Community, Research & Education Networks

I am writing to sincerely thank all of you for the wonderful experience I had in the Global Summit. I had 4 days of great professional and personal growth. I will be taking off more knowledgeable than when I landed, and to me this is a big thing. Apart from a well coordinated trip and a very comfortable stay, I would especially like to thank you for the following experience.

Left image: Magreth Mushi with Mark Scheible, senior lead IAM solutions architect at MCNC. Middle image: Magreth Mushi with Nyanjau Kimano, systems adminstrator at Kenya Education Network and Kasandra Pillay, senior engineer at South African National Research Network.

Human Network and Important Connections - I am really honored to meet key people in R&E community as well as wonderful supporters of diversity and inclusivity. Knowing that I have people I can reach out to anytime I have a question or idea is a great opportunity worth nurturing. I look forward to keeping and growing this network of wonderful human beings. The number of the connections I made are quickly turning into action items and collaborations that I never thought of before.

Take Away for TERNET - It was a great experience to attend the executive track and see the level of members engagement and Internet2 commitment to serve. This is one of the key take away that TERNET will benefit a lot. For a long time our communication with members has been more unidirectional with the secretariat reporting to members. I now see the importance of (and opportunity to) making this communication more bidirectional. The Internet2 services negotiation power was also a great thing to take away.

Technology Awareness - I had the opportunity to learn about several technologies that will be very beneficial for TERNET members, especially under the NET+ umbrella. Though some of these can not be adopted right away, I am excited to be aware of their existence to draw from when the time is right.

The award and recognition I received is very special to me; not only as one of the few women in the field, but also since it taps into the core of my belief in including more of the underrepresented groups. With the same spirit I started the Big Sister in STEM initiative last year and I can't be more grateful to see this chain of inclusivity grow to touch the lives of many women that won't get the chance otherwise.

I am honored by the recognition and very motivated to pay it forward!

With all the best,
Magreth Mushi, Ph.D.
CEO - Tanzania Education and Research Network
PI and Lecturer - Department of ICT, Open University of Tanzania