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Internet2 Cloud Connect and NET+ Amazon AWS - May 2018 Update

May 01, 2018, by Linda Roos
Tags: Advanced Networking, Amazon Web Services, Cloud Connect Initiative, Frontpage News, Internet2 NET+, Recent Posts

Internet2 offers a full solution for AWS Direct Connect. This includes Cloud Connect, allowing the user to reach locations where Direct Connect is available and with the NET+ AWS service. Although Internet2 offers both parts of the solution, Cloud Connect doesn’t require that you obtain AWS through Internet2 NET+ and it is possible to obtain NET+ AWS without using Cloud Connect.  Additionally, this blog will also provide information about the AWS Data Egress Waiver.

Cloud Connect

Use the Internet2 Network along with your regional's infrastructure to reach Amazon's AWS Direct Connect. Internet2 currently has two connections to Direct Connect, one in Ashburn, Virginia and a second in Chicago. The Ashburn connection is hosted VIF and the Chicago connection is hosted interconnect. Depending on your preference, you can implement either a Layer 2 (see diagram below) or Layer 3 (see diagram below) solution to either location. Additional locations including Dallas, TX and a west coast location will be implemented in the coming months.

Diagram of Layer 2 solution
Diagram of Layer 3 solution


NET+ AWS is a community managed framework for acquiring and using AWS. It addresses a number of the common hurdles to running AWS including: (1) a framework for managing chargebacks, credits and grants, invoices, and purchases orders including NSF's BIGDATA program; (2) an account provisioning workflow; (3) a community negotiated customer agreement including a business associates agreement (BAA) for HIPAA workloads; (4) easy access to training and professional services through the same contractual vehicle; (5) an ITAR-compliant support desk; (6) and a community advisory board to steward the program.

AWS Data Egress Waiver

The AWS Global Data Egress Waiver reduces charges for data egress destined for an eligible academic or research institution by up to 15% of an AWS payer account's total monthly spend. For example, if a institution spends $100,000 on AWS in a given month, and $15,000 of that spend is in data egress charges, the institution will pay only the remaining $85,000, waiving all egress fees. Should the institution exceed 15% egress, it will be charged at the standard peering egress or AWS Direct Connect egress pricing rate. For typical usages, AWS EC2 compute makes up the vast majority of charges on a payer account in aggregate, offsetting most or all egress charges.

An institution receives the data egress waiver if it:

  • Is a subscriber to the NET+ AWS program or has registered separately for the AWS Global Data Egress Waiver Program by contacting their AWS Account Manager.
  • Uses Internet2 Cloud Connect (described above) in conjunction with their Internet2 Regional Connector to connect to AWS.
  • Provisions AWS accounts under the registered institutional AWS payer account.

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