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NET+ Splunk Free Training for 2018

Apr 18, 2018, by Nick Lewis
Tags: Internet2 NET+, Splunk

We just announced an updated Internet2 Splunk program! In 2016 and 2017, Splunk provided free training to the Internet2 community. For 2018, Splunk is going to continue to provide free training to the community this year. Splunk is making Splunk Fundamentals 1 free to all Internet2 member faculty, staff, and students. Splunk Fundamentals 1 is of significant value in that there is a free certification that can be taken afterwards to become a Splunk Certified User. Below are links to all free training materials.

Free Training Materials

Additional details on the NET+ Splunk program are posted in the previously mentioned blog update.

More information on the updated program is posted on the Internet2 Splunk website at:

Any questions about the Internet2 Splunk program can be direct to Nick Lewis at or directly via