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Cloud Services Programming at the 2018 Internet2 Global Summit

Apr 18, 2018, by Ben Fineman
Tags: 2018 Internet2 Global Summit, Amazon Web Services, Cisco Cloudlock, Cloud Connect Initiative, DocuSign, Duo Security, Frontpage News, Google Cloud Platform, Internet2 NET+, Recent Posts, Special Interest Group, Splunk, Zoom

The conversation around the cloud in higher education has progressed beyond the question of “should we go to the cloud?” to “ok, we’re in the cloud – how do we do things better?” Fortunately, there are a number of opportunities at the upcoming Internet2 Global Summit in San Diego, CA to hear from and collaborate with your peer institutions and organizations on specific cloud services or cloud practices in general.

Following is a round up to help you plan your schedule: 

Monday 5/7/18 Lunch (12pm):

  • Cisco Cloudlock Special Interest Group: A fitting start to the week – Cloudlock is a cloud-native cloud access security broker that helps institutions move to the cloud safely. At this session, you can meet with Cisco Cloudlock experts and other campuses using Cloudlock to talk about shared use cases, learn about and give input into the NET+ Cisco Cloudlock program, and discuss other Cisco Cloud Security services like Umbrella.
  • Panopto Special Interest Group: Panopto is an online video platform that enables universities to take control of their rapidly growing libraries of video content. Here we will have the opportunity to get a roadmap presentation direct from Eric Burns, CEO of Panopto, as well as talking with other universities who are using Panopto. 

Tuesday 5/8/18, Breakfast (7:30am)

  • Docusign Special Interest Group: Signing legal documents is something we all have to do, and the cycle of printing, signing, and scanning (keeping track of who needs to sign next) is no longer necessary with digital signature services. Come meet with other campuses using DocuSign and talk about shared use cases, needs for enhancements to features/functionality, adoption challenges or needs, and any other relevant topics related to the use of Docusign on campus. You may want to check out Ohio State’s webinar presentation on their Docusign implementation for some useful thought-starters.
  • Zoom Special Interest Group: Video collaboration is an important part of any academic environment these days, and Zoom is growing in adoption with higher education institutions. This session will provide an opportunity to meet with your peers who are using or considering using Zoom in their environments.

Tuesday 5/8/18, Morning Track (10:30am) 

  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cloud: If you’re interested in attending a single session hosted by some of the leading cloud experts from the university community that packs everything you need to worry about when going to the cloud into 90 minutes – you’re in luck. This session features Bob Flynn from Indiana University, John Bailey from Washington University in Saint Louis, Damian Doyle from University of Maryland - Baltimore County, and Oren Sreebny from University of Chicago. If there’s one cloud session not to miss at Global Summit, it’s this one.

Tuesday 5/8/18 Lunch (12pm)

  • Duo Security Special Interest Group: Two factor authentication is here to stay, and Duo is one of the main ways universities are doing it. Come meet with other campuses using Duo and talk about shared use cases, updates, and give input on the future of the NET+ Duo program.
  • Google Cloud Platform Special Interest Group: Google’s heavy hitting combination of core infrastructure, data analytics, and machine learning needs no introduction. Come and learn about the community's work with Google.

Tuesday 5/8/18 Afternoon Track (1:30pm)

  • Internet2 Cloud Strategy: Come learn about the Internet2 Cloud Connect Services which allow community members to leverage the national and regional infrastructures to connect to services provided by multiple cloud providers including: Microsoft Express Route, Amazon Web Services Cloud and Google Cloud Platform, as well as the future of multi-cloud data movement. Hear how to use the Internet2 Network to reach the services and the resources available to make these services easy for your organization to use.

Wednesday 5/9/18 Breakfast (7:30am)

  • SIP Special Interest Group (Mitel and CenturyLink): Hosted voice and SIP trunking are increasingly important as aging copper wires reach their end of life, and this community-selected combination of Mitel’s voice services with CenturyLink (Level 3) SIP trunking is the solution for many. Discussion will include a presentation on progress and future direction of the program from NET+ SIP universities, and a public roadmap presentation on the Mitel and CenturyLink voice services.

Wednesday 5/9/18 Lunch (11:45am)

  • Splunk Special Interest Group: Splunk has brought order to the chaos in higher education IT that is log management, but the story doesn’t end there – universities are pointing Splunk at all kinds of big data sources to make intelligent decisions and identify opportunities and risks. Come meet with other campuses using Splunk and about shared use cases, updates on the NET+ Splunk program, and give input on the future of the NET+ Splunk program.
  • Amazon Web Services Special Interest Group: Last but certainly not least! AWS is a heavy hitter in this space so make sure to arrive early, and join your colleagues in discussing your use of Amazon Web Services. The SIG will begin with a presentation from a campus researcher who is using the platform followed by Q&A and general discussion.

For those interested in cloud, there’s a full set of sessions in store for you! There are a lot of opportunities to learn, but as importantly there are many opportunities to contribute – if you are using some of these services on your campus we especially hope you will join the accompanying special interest group sessions – your experiences will be invaluable to your peers, and we hope you can learn a thing or two as well.

See you in San Diego!