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InCommon Federation Manager Facelift and Dashboard

Apr 16, 2018, by David Shafer
Tags: End-to-End Trust and Security, InCommon, InCommon Federation, Recent Posts, Trust & Identity

The InCommon Federation Manager — the online tool that site administrators use to create, edit, and maintain their metadata — has undergone a number of enhancements and updates in the last six months. This was enabled by the 2017 fee increase, which provided resources to hire a DevOps manager and consultants to develop a roadmap and make improvements.

The Federation Manager received a major facelift and a new dashboard in September 2017, and five incremental releases in the ensuing six months. The latest (v3.2.4) fixed bugs related to the ability for a site admin to delete a service provider. Other fixes and improvements, both internal and external, have included adding the ability to self-assert the SIRTFI (related to incident response) entity attribute, improved accessibility, improved error monitoring and alerts, and ongoing code clean-up. Release notes and a roadmap of planned work are on the wiki.

Many of the InCommon community's Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation involve elements in metadata - both identity providers and service providers. Contact information that used to be optional is now required. Certain elements that improve the user experience, and that improve the ability to quickly cooperate on security incidents, are also part of Baseline.

Future improvements to the Federation Manager will support Baseline Expectations, making it easier for site administrators to see what is missing in their own metadata and to make the needed changes.