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2018 Global Summit Gathers International R&E Community in San Diego in May

Apr 02, 2018, by Urszula Chomicka
Tags: 2018 Internet2 Global Summit, International Community

On May 6-9, 2018, the international R&E Community will convene at Internet2's 2018 Global Summit in San Diego for yet another exciting edition of our annual event. This year, the program will feature keynote addresses from top R&E leaders, presentations from noted experts, and sessions focused on advanced and trusted infrastructure, identity, federation and access management, and solutions for researchers with the goal of benefiting the entire R&E ecosystem, worldwide.

Some sessions of interest to our international colleagues revolve around the most pressing topics of the day, including cybersecurity, research engagement, trust and identity, and may include:

Science Gateways and their Impact on Research and Scholarship Nationally and Internationally – Monday, May 7 from 10.30-11.45 AM.

Science gateways, also known as research portals and by other terms are having an increasing impact on the conduct of research today, both nationally and internationally. This diverse panel will feature several perspectives, from those involved in gateway building technologies and data management, to those building gateways in the fields of urban studies and neuroscience to a former CTO initiating campus development activities.

International Security Efforts – Monday, May 7 from 2.45-4.00 PM

This panel session will include speakers from Jisc, GEANT, and CANARIE and include such relevant discussion topics as how to connect and expand security trust circles, how to encourage participation of smaller countries, and finally what are the aspirations and potential outcomes of a truly interconnected worldwide R&E security trust circles' network.

Investing in Networking and Human Expertise in Support of African Science - Monday, May 7 from 2.45-4.00 PM

Parallel to the above international security session, speakers representing International Research Network Connections (IRNC) PIs and a range of international RENs will highlight how the global R&E networking community is working together to strengthen and support NRENs and research in Africa. Speakers will provide infrastructure updates, lessons learned from human capacity building workshops, reports on researcher engagement, and answer questions about current and future efforts.

Introducing Frogans, a new medium on top of the Internet - Monday, May 7 from 2.45-4.00 PM

Frogans is a new medium for publishing content on the Internet. Frogans was designed as a new generic software layer running on top of the original Internet infrastructure, i.e. the TCP and IP protocols and the Domain Name System (DNS), alongside other existing layers such as E-mail and the Web. As a new medium, Frogans is not meant for publishing Web sites, but Frogans sites, a new kind of site founded upon a different format, enabling a new kind of communication between end users and content publishers. The technology making up Frogans is released in the form of an open standard for the Internet, available to all, free of charge. During this session, the co-inventor of Frograns technology will present how the it works and how you can contribute to its development, as well as discussing ideas for Frogans-based services that could emerge from the R&E community and become global success stories.

International Council on Interdependence for Higher Education: A Modest Proposal – Tuesday, May 8 from 8.45-10 AM

Speakers from Jisc, the Association of Research Libraries and the Council on Library and Information Resources will address a unique topic: they propose “that it is time to reconceive the relationship of the academy with one of its fundamental underpinnings: its digital infrastructure.” The session is planned as an interactive discussion to gauge the willingness and interest – and the challenges – to engage in this budding enterprise.

Regulating User Privacy in Europe: GDPR - Tuesday, May 8 from 8.45-10 AM

Speakers from GEANT and GEANT member NRENs will discuss the implications of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is Europe's new privacy regulation that aims to provide for harmonization of data privacy laws across Europe and to protect and empower all EU citizens data privacy. This session will present the evaluation of the GDPR regulation impact on trust and identity eduroam and eduGAIN services, recommendations and activities taken to approach them, including a discussion with session participants.

The Evolution of NREN Architectures - Tuesday, May 8 from 10.30-11.45 AM

This session will consist of a number of short talks from global R&E network architects from Jisc, NORDUnet, SURFnet, HEAnet, and AARNet, discussing how changes to the services that the customers of NRENs are demanding is driving a change in network architectures. The topics will include automation, evolution of access architectures, orchestration both within a domain and between NRENs and other service providers.

TransPacific R&E Networking: A panel on Current and Future State – Wednesday, May 9 from 08:45AM-10:00AM

R&E networking has been steadily growing over the last few years as computing power grows in Asia by leaps and bounds. The demand on capacity between the Asia region and the US has likewise been growing. To respond to this, research and education networks are looking for new ways to make sure the needs of these science drivers are met. Panelists from REANNZ, Indiana University, Internet2, SingAREN, APAN, University of Guam and JUCC will each give a brief overview of recent developments in networking deployments, exchange points and collaborations in our community.

In addition to these fascinating sessions, Internet2's Global Engagement team is convening Special Interest Group sessions, from regionally-focused ones such as the Africa Special Interest Group, the Latin American Special Interest Group, the Middle East Special Interest Group, to the globally-relevant Transnational Education session, providing an update on the activities of the Transnational Education (TNE) Special Interest Group.

Additionally, this year we are proposing a new initiative called "Global Spaces". These will be dedicated spaces for our partners, national and regional Research and Education networks (RENs) from around the world to showcase their organizations and their work. Our hope is that these spaces encourage dialogue, strengthen existing collaborations and provide the impetus for new ones between our domestic members and international partners.

We encourage all Internet2 members with campuses, partnerships and activities abroad to attend the above sessions and meet with international colleagues in the Global Spaces!

We look forward to welcoming everyone to San Diego very soon!