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Upcoming Webinar: Collaborative Network User Performance Management for Higher Education

Feb 26, 2018, by Karen Warren
Tags: Internet2 NET+, Nyansa, Recent Posts

In early 2017, this group of eight universities began evaluating a new infrastructure solution through Internet2 called user performance management (UPM). UPM platforms leverage all the existing data traversing infrastructures to deliver a more holistic view of the network, devices, services, and applications from the perspective of the user.  

Register for this webinar on March 20, 2018 at 2:00 pm ET, jointly presented by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Wesleyan University, Internet2 and Nyansa to hear how eight universities evaluated Nyansa's Voyance user performance management (UPM) platform for higher education environments through the Internet2 Cloud Service Validation process. Learn how the collective efforts helped to customize Voyance's UPM platform into a community-based solution that automates the learning process of what is actually going on with each user on their campus, validates and quantifies the user experience in real time (and over time) across all layers of the IP stack, and assists in identifying network performance roadblocks.

What is User Performance Management and Why is it Important?
Countless wired and wireless client transactions take place across all layers of a campus network, each of which can have a profound impact on the user experience. Until now there's been no good way to easily identify and quantify these transactions to ensure the best possible user experience. 

This is a particularly acute problem within access networks. Highly mobile users armed with a myriad of smart devices accessing cloud-based applications makes it difficult for IT staff to get a good grip on the user experience. Analyzing real-time and historical trends to improve user performance and network reliability, or proactively planning for additional users and network-sensitive applications simply hasn't been practical. And while discrete tools have provided solution-specific troubleshooting capabilities for quite some time, this model is no longer tenable due to the massive volumes of data that must be gathered and analyzed together to optimize user network performance. 

By combining big data network analytics, cloud-computing, and machine learning technologies, UPM systems are able to constantly analyze and correlate all wired data, wireless metrics, devices, applications, and WAN data to understand important patterns and trends impacting user network performance from virtually any vantage point across the access infrastructure.

The new UPM platforms do not require client software, agents, or sensors of intrusive hardware; they constantly monitor the network, watching and learning the behavior of every client transaction up and down the stack as they happen, storing this data historically to identify larger patterns and trends that emerge. And deployment is simple - here's more on how it works.

Nyansa's Voyance UPM Summary Dashboard

Register now for the webinar, and learn how Nyansa's Voyance UPM platform has been customized for higher education environments through the Internet2 Cloud Service Validation process. And, how this community-based solution automates the learning process of what is actually going on with each user on campus, and how it can also assist your team in identifying network performance roadblocks.