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TIER Campus Success Program Update

Feb 14, 2018, by Ann West
Tags: Frontpage News, Recent Posts, TIER, TIER Software, Trust & Identity, Trust and Identity in Education and Research

The 10 campuses comprising the TIER Campus Success Program held their first in-person meeting in early February. Through this program, the campuses will adopt at least one of the TIER software components and provide guidance and lessons learned for future adopters.

The 39 attendees brainstormed a list of campus issues that need further investigation and work, and identified common deliverables for immediate attention. The group used the unconference format for developing the meeting agenda. Advance CAMP (ACAMP), now part of the Internet2 Technology Exchange, has used such a format with great success for years.

As a result, five working groups will form, to be comprised of campus participants and subject-matter experts drawn from Internet2 staff and from the broader community. The working groups expect to address such issues as API development, enhancing Grouper deployment, draft a DevOps deployment guide, and doing identity onboarding with the Banner ERP.

Among other things, the TIER Campus Success Program participating universities have committed to biweekly meetings, regular blog posts, and developing white papers, guides, and other materials that will streamline TIER deployment for future adopters. Complete information about the program, as well as links to blogs and other materials, are available on the wiki.