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TIER Campus Success Program Blogfest

Feb 13, 2018, by Michael Zawacki
Tags: Frontpage News, Recent Posts, TIER, TIER Software, Trust & Identity, Trust and Identity in Education and Research

The TIER Campus Success Program includes 10 schools working together to adopt one or more software components that comprise the TIER suite (Shibboleth, Grouper, COmanage, and midPoint). As part of their commitment to creating information to help other organizations considering adoption, campus members periodically create blog posts to describe their work.

The blogs are located on the Campus Success Program wiki. Here are the titles and one-line descriptions of those posted thus far.

Deploying midPoint With Ansible at Oregon State - Stacey Brock summarizes Oregon State’s use of Ansible to deploy their initial instances of midPoint.

Rice University Explores Container Management - Paul Engle describes Rice University’s selection process and testing of the Kubernetes container environment.

Colorado State University | Spotlight on COmanage, Grouper Progressing - Katherine Banghart provides an update on CSU’s work on rolling out Grouper and COManage.

Modernizing Systems, Processes, and Identities at UC Merced - University of California - Merced’s Nick Dugan summarizes the school’s move away from local, dedicated hardware based IDM solution to TIER.

UMBC: Dipping our Grouper Toe into the Ocean of Role Based Access Control - Todd Haddaway from University of Maryland, Baltimore County talks about his school’s progress with Dockerized Grouper deployments.

Maslow's Hammer - University of Michigan’s Liam Hoekenga lays out his school’s struggle with reigning in their users’ reliance on one tool for group management.

Getting up to speed with Grouper at Georgia Tech - Dusty Edenfield from Georgia Tech talks about his school’s adoption of Grouper and how it was integrated into their IdM landscape.

Getting over the Hump with Grouper at Illinois - Erik Coleman details the work being done at University of Illinois to deploy Grouper in the cloud.

Repeal and Replace @ Mines - Matt Brookover talks about the effort at Colorado School of Mines to replace a vendor based IAM solution with Grouper and midPoint.

Groveling before Grouper - University of Michigan team member Jack Stewart outlines the work being done at UofM to roll out a containerized version of Grouper.

Shibboleth and TIER at UMBC - Paul Riddle provides an overview of University of Maryland, Baltimore County’s move from a homegrown single sign-on service to TIER’s containerized model.