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Introducing Flexible Access Connection

Feb 05, 2018, by Linda Roos
Tags: Advanced Network Services, Advanced Networking, Frontpage News, Layer 3 Services, Recent Posts

In response to community requests for more flexible usage policies on the Layer 3 service, Internet2 is pleased to introduce Flexible Access Connection (previously known as Enterprise Access Connection, we changed the name based on community input).

We are envisioning this service to be initially offered to Internet2 connectors with two connections. We invite all connectors who are interested in this service to work with us to build a joint understanding of a resiliency strategy for each connection, keeping in mind these principles: 

  1. goal is to provide more TR-CPS capacity (up to 30G more overall) to the connector at no additional cost 
  2. provide the connection with more flexibility and fewer policies 
  3. reduce operating costs for Internet2 

The current connections have been engineered to be redundant such that, if there is an outage, traffic will be re-routed on another path of the Internet2 Network. With Flexible Access, Internet2 will work with the connectors to determine the right balance of trading some level of redundancy for the cost of increased capacity on the connections while still accommodating all types of Layer 3 services, such as DDoS clean traffic, cloud access, R&E routes, etc.

This new approach should be a good fit for connectors looking for more TR-CPS capacity and are amenable to this tradeoff. We would like to work with a few regionals to pilot Flexible Access beginning in 2018. Please contact if you are interested.