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Interactive Live Performance Enabled by International Collaboration of R&E Networks

Jan 24, 2018, by Sara Aly
Tags: Frontpage News, International Community, Internet2 Member, Research & Education Networks

By Kiyoshi Tanaka, GEMnet2 Manager, NTT Service Evolution Laboratories; Shingo Kinoshita, Project Director, NTT Service Evolution Laboratories; and Hisao Uose, Consultant for NTT


Internet2 enabled a remote collaborative live dance performance between Tokyo, New York City, and London on the 8th of November, 2017. The trial was lead by NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation) group in Japan which is a long time member of Internet2. In Tokyo, the 5G (5th generation mobile networks) radio transmission system developed by NTT Docomo was also used to prove its low latency performance. 

The three locations were connected with the collaboration of R&E networks including Internet2, GEANT, JANET (Jisc), and GEMnet2. The video images of live performances taking place in New York City and London were transmitted to Tokyo. The performance images in all three cities, including Tokyo, were precisely synchronized using the low-latency MMT (MPEG Media Transport) transmission unit developed by NTT Laboratories. 

Photo taken just before the live event at indgo at The O2 in London, with setup taking place in Tokyo displayed on the monitor. Courtesy: Hisao Uose