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Internet2 Network Peering Optimization

Jan 24, 2018, by Chris Wilkinson
Tags: Advanced Networking, Frontpage News, Peering, Recent Posts

with Matt Mullins, Principle Network Engineer, Internet2 NOC

Historically, many network connectors had BGP sessions reaching out from their local network connection point to multiple locations on the nationwide network. Currently, such peering topologies don't have substantive benefit and tend to circumvent the geolocation functions that some of the commercial peers are now using. In some recent cases, this legacy approach has inadvertently impacted the overall end-user experience.

As part of Internet2's node consolidation and conversion to an MPLS backbone, member BGP sessions for all services (R&E, LHCONE, TR-CPS) are being simplified, including a "pull back" to the nearest node where their physical connection is and reduces the total number of peering sessions. We have been in contact with members and have been scheduling the migrations. As of this writing, Internet2 and the Connectors are over 90% complete with this migration and together, we have just a small number of connectors left. We anticipate completion of these migrations by the end of February.