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NAOPpag Update

Nov 15, 2017, by Linda Roos
Tags: Advanced Networking, Frontpage News, Network Architecture, Operations and Policy

The Network Architecture, Operations and Policy Program Advisory Group (NAOPpag) met in October and November of 2017. During the October meeting, the PAG welcomed Howard Pfeffer, Internet2 President and CEO. Howard provided an overview of his first few months spent meeting members of the community and he expressed his appreciation for the community’s candid comments during those conversations. He indicated that he sees opportunities for Internet2 to bring value to the community through support for a high performance cloud connect strategy, the next generation optical infrastructure to enable both research and the academic enterprise and security, trust and identity.

The PAG then turned their attention to a discussion regarding net neutrality. Many campuses are facing issues related to net neutrality and a request was made for Internet2 to bring expertise to this issue. The discussion will continue at future meetings.

Finally, there was discussion regarding the Internet2 Cloud Connect Initiative. The goals of the initiative are to facilitate data movement into and out of the cloud as well as data movement between cloud providers. During the first stage of the initiative, in 2017, Internet2 will offer access to Microsoft Express Route and Amazon’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud with access to Google Cloud Platform expected to become available in early 2018. The next stage of the initiative, beginning in early 2018, will include investigation of community requirements for multi-cloud movement of data into, out of and across multiple major cloud providers as well as a roadmap for more automated and complex use cases.

During the November NAOPpag meeting, Paul Howell, Internet2 Chief Cyberinfrastructure Security Officer, led a discussion on the current Internet2 Netflow Data Privacy Policy and gathered input on proposed changes to the Policy based on requests from community researchers for additional data as well as needs of the security group for additional information when investigating malicious traffic on the network. Proposed changes include (a) allowing limited use of full packet capture in support of security operations and in other special circumstances, (b) allowing tightly controlled joint research with commercial entities that might include Netflow data, (c) allowing connectors to publish de-identified Netflow data to members, (d) sharing raw Netflow data under controlled circumstances with researchers and (e) storing raw Netflow data for up to a year. The PAG discussed and was supportive of the changes pending additional documentation of the practices Internet2 will use. In other matters, the PAG tabled the continuation of the net neutrality discussion until December and heard an update on the Proof of Concept projects for the next generation of the infrastructure. A lightweight solicitation for community participation in and leadership for the ecosystem-wide pilot will be issued. This pilot will look at the approach to service development, delivery, operation and management that will inform community architecture principles and investment decisions targeted for the next two to five years.