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DDoS Migitation Service Update

Nov 20, 2017, by Linda Roos
Tags: Advanced Networking

Internet2 is partnering with Zenedge to offer cloud-based volumetric DDoS Mitigation Service. Several regionals have already implemented the service and other regionals and campuses are negotiating agreements for the service. The first agreement between Internet2 and Zenedge was for the year ending on June 30, 2018.

Currently, Internet2 and Zenedge are reviewing the original service offering. We are grateful to the DDoS Mitigation Service pilot group for their input on the service and fees during a discussion at the Internet2 Technology Exchange. Some changes to the fees will be effective as of July 1, 2018. 

A new category, called a Sub-tenant, will be created that will include all higher ed organizations behind either a Subscriber or Tenant that have a public Autonomous System Number (ASN) and that don’t want to pursue being a Tenant. Subscribers will procure 5-packs to cover the Sub-tenants with the first 5-pack included in the Subscriber fee.

Final fees for Sub-Tenant 5-packs as well as Subscribers, Tenants and Monitored Router Service (RapidBGP) will be announced soon. 

If you have questions regarding the DDoS Mitigation Service, please send a note to