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Data Egress Fee Discount Announced for Google Cloud Platform

Oct 31, 2017, by Sara Jeanes
Tags: Cloud Services & Applications, Google Cloud Platform

Today, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is announcing a data egress discount for research and education members of the Internet2 community. Google joined Internet2 as a member in 2016, and soon following, the Internet2 community and Google began work on a data egress discount, which is now a standard part of IaaS offerings in the higher education community. This announcement is a result of the fruitful collaboration with the research and education community.

For many central IT units and researchers considering the use of public clouds for their workloads, data in/out charges were viewed as an unpredictable expense that could potentially add up to significant unfunded expenditures.

For researchers, this could be particularly concerning if they are making their research data available to other researchers for download (as is often required by the funding agencies). If there is higher demand for their data than what they might have initially anticipated, data egress charges would surpass their budget allocation.

The data egress discount helps address egress cost concerns of central IT teams modeling hybrid environments, where data can move between some workloads in the cloud and others remaining on premise.

In addition, for the Internet2 member community, the idea of bandwidth-based charges run counter to their two decades of investment in building a high-capacity, high-performance R&E network. The Internet2 Network is designed to maintain a sufficiently high level of capacity such that data transport by researchers and internet developers are never constrained by the cost of bandwidth or contention for capacity. So, both generally and specifically for Internet2 members, data egress charges were viewed as an impediment to the effective use of cloud services.

“We are committed to supporting higher education institutions across research, teaching and IT Infrastructure. We hope this egress fee discount will help bring the power of our Cloud Platform to the academic research community,” said Bram Bout, director of education at Google Cloud.

The Google Cloud Platform will provide a data egress discount that reduces charges associated with outbound data originating from Google Cloud Platform by up to 15% of an institution’s total monthly spend. For example, if a campus spends $10,000 on Google Cloud Platform in a given month, and $1,500 of that spend is in data egress charges, the campus will only pay $8,500, effectively waiving all egress fees.

GCP billing accounts will be eligible for the data egress discount if they:

  • Are registered with the campus.
  • Use Internet2 connectivity, Internet2 Connector network, direct peering with Google, or Dedicated Interconnect(s) to route at least 80% of GCP traffic.
  • Use GCP for research and education workloads.

Some bandwidth-intensive applications are not discounted (e.g., media streaming or MOOCs). For more information see the Google Help Center article.

The data egress discount is a testament of how the research and education community is able to work together with industry to solve common technology challenges, and to develop innovative solutions in support of their educational, research, and community service missions.

Commenting on the discount, Brendan Guenther, director for academic technology at Michigan State University said, “This is yet another important milestone for our community. It helps us continue to support our students, faculty, and researchers by providing the technological resources they’ve come to rely on in their everyday work, without the burden of unexpected budget overruns.”

For more information about the data egress discount, please visit the Google Help Center article. Also stay tuned for more announcements from the GCP Team!