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Panel to Share Rice University’s Experience Using Strong Network Identity to Reduce Security Roadblocks at TechEX 2017

Sep 21, 2017, by Sara Aly
Tags: 2017 Technology Exchange, Frontpage News, Internet2 Member

By Barry Ribbeck, Dean Lane, Paul Engle, and Dylan Jacob

Consider an environment that provides a secure and resource rich network with the convenience of an open café network for students, faculty, staff and visitors. Where appropriately defined individuals can access the data and services they need to do their work, with as little inconvenience as possible. 

As a team made up of a security program manager, identity and access management manager, senior network architect, and systems administrator, our goal is to collaborate on a solution that allows our campus community access to the right services and data with few tactile barriers and appropriate security.

The increasing focus on privacy and security, which requires the implementation of appropriate security controls to provide adequate protection in support of our institutional mission, have made achieving our goal challenging. 

How do we manage the increasing security burden and keep pace with today’s research and academic needs and expectations? We have gone back to the basics to try to tease out what we really needed to perform at existing or better levels of effective security at a faster pace. 

We are in our second year of this implementation and we encourage those with similar goals, interested in measuring security maturity or just curious about deploying wired 802.1X in a higher education setting, to join us during our presentation at TechEX 2017 on Wednesday, October 18.

We will share our experience with how leveraging our existing security processes, Identity Access Management, and network infrastructure helped us reduce the time and cost needed to implement effective security controls.