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CEDIA Celebrates 15 Years Since Their Founding

Sep 19, 2017, by Urszula Chomicka
Tags: International Community

Our colleagues and friends in the Ecuadorian Research and Education Network CEDIA are celebrating a momentous occasion next week – the 15th anniversary of their founding! Since 2002, CEDIA (the Ecuadorian Corporation for Research Development and the Academy) has been advocating for and responding to the networking needs of Ecuador's higher education and research community. Internet2 was involved and supportive from the founding and has continued to encourage the work that CEDIA is accomplishing in connecting a vast array of Ecuadorian institutes. CEDIA connects to and is an active member of RedCLARA (the Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks), which also has an impressive history and interconnects 13 Latin American countries regionally and internationally.
We had the chance to see some of CEDIA's achievements up close, and to meet their enthusiastic staff, during their annual conference which Ana Hunsinger and I attended in December 2015. The cooperation between CEDIA and Internet2 is particularly important in light of the numerous existing projects between the two countries, in such areas as biodiversity, ecology, and volcanology, to name a few. The organization has continued to take on new challenges since then.
"Congratulations on behalf of Internet2 and the US Research and Education Community to our long-time partner CEDIA, which celebrates its 15th anniversary on September 21st in Cuenca, Ecuador. While we are sorry we can’t be there in person, we are sure it will be a fabulous celebration of the many accomplishments that CEDIA has brought about in the last 15 years. We are proud to be a partner of CEDIA from its beginnings and look forward to continuing our fruitful cooperation for many years to come. ¡Los deseamos todo lo mejor para los próximos años!" said Ana Hunsinger, VP of Community Engagement.