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NAOPpag Recap for June-September 2017; Next-gen infrastructure planning, 100G wave fees and detection and mitigation

Sep 18, 2017, by Linda Roos
Tags: Advanced Networking, Network Infrastructure

The June, July and September 2017 meetings of the NAOP focused on discussions regarding the next generation of the Internet2 infrastructure. These conversations were coincident with the release of the final report from the Research and Education Community Investment in National-footprint Network Services (RECINNS) workshop working groups and moving to the next stage of planning for the infrastructure, the Proof of Concept projects. The Proof of Concept projects fit into three broad categories: (1) core technology—new technologies that offer higher capacity at lower cost per bit while also provide for excellent end-to-end capabilities and integration with existing technologies, (2) flexible edge technology—with continued move toward combination of compute/storage/network/security consideration is being given to a flexible edge that supports new functions in the next generation of infrastructure, (3) collaborative service delivery—consideration of ecosystem wide workflow, business models, services and people to deliver better end-to-end services across the community. The PAG will continue to discuss the next generation of the infrastructure, providing input to the Proof of Concept projects and plans as they progress.

Other business discussed by the NAOP included review of new reduced 100G wave fees, international peering working practices and Internet2's approach to attack detection and mitigation. The NAOP recommended implementation of the new fees and posting to the website of the international peering working practices. Information regarding Internet2's approach to attack detection and mitigation has been described in the following blog posts:

Internet2's DDoS Mitigation Strategy and Internet2 DDoS Mitigation Update