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Connectors and Network Member News: OpenFlow VLAN to MPLS Migration Completed

Aug 16, 2017, by Linda Roos
Tags: Advanced Networking, Frontpage News, Recent Posts

Great news! The OpenFlow VLAN to MPLS migration was completed on August 15. Thanks to the engineers involved in making this project happen smoothly.

The migration of the backbone from OpenFlow to MPLS began in mid-2016 with hardware migrations to bring the Internet2 Network backbone to a 100% Juniper base. A few weeks ago, the migration of all AL2S OpenFlow VLANs to MPLS began. Today marks the next step in the backbone upgrade project as the last of the 911 VLANs were migrated. There are a few final clean-up steps in the migration that will occur soon but those will have no impact on members’ services.

Here is the link to the blog written before this work was completed: