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perfSONAR 4.0 Update

Aug 07, 2017, by Matthew Zekauskas
Tags: Frontpage News, mitel, Performance Monitoring, Recent Posts

The perfSONAR team announced the release of version 4.0 in April 2017. This release brought the biggest change in the project’s history: a switch from BWCTL to pScheduler, a new system for scheduling, supervising, and archiving measurements that was built from the ground up.

Among its new features is an architecture that supports plugins and makes it easy to add new types of measurements, new tools to carry them out, and new ways to send the results to other systems for storage and analysis.

Approximately 1,400 of the 2,000 nodes registered in the lookup service upgraded, and the transition went very smoothly. If your nodes haven’t upgraded yet, please consider enabling auto upgrade or doing so manually, as perfSONAR 3.5.x is scheduled for end-of-life on October 17, 2017.  

Version 4.0.1, which corrects bugs and adds minor features, is currently in beta and is expected to be released in mid-August.

For more information on perfSONAR, including a pointer to a webinar covering major changes, please visit:

For more information on pScheduler, documentation is available here. We will also have a follow-up blog post dedicated to pScheduler next month.