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Network News: Three New 200G Lambda Deployments Benefit Internet2 Community

Jul 27, 2017, by Nathan Miller
Tags: Advanced Network Services, Frontpage News, Internet2 Network, Recent Posts

Internet2 is happy to announce the deployment of three new 200G lambdas (wavelengths) between our ASHB and WASH points of presence. Utilizing WDM technology and a different state of the art modulation techniques, each lambda deployment provides a total forwarding capacity of 200G per lambda.

Between the three deployed 200G lambdas, the net yield is an aggregate forwarding capacity of 600Gbps between our ASHB and WASH locations. Each 200G lambda provides Internet2 the ability to multiplex two 100GE connections over a single lambda, which would normally require a larger physical footprint as well as an individual lambda per 100GE (up to six in this case).

The 200G lambda deployments benefit the Internet2 community by providing additional room for growth in the network while lowering operating expenditures and reducing our physical footprint. Today, we have 3x200G lambda’s between ASHB to WASH that facilitate three 100G backbone connections as well as international connectivity to GÉANT Open in London via the WIX international exchange.