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New InCommon Working Groups to Tackle Attributes, Streamlining Onboarding and Other Issues

Jul 19, 2017, by Mark Scheible
Tags: Frontpage News, InCommon, Recent Posts, Working Group

InCommon logoFour InCommon working groups are asking for feedback on their charters, seeking members to participate, or are beginning their work. Anyone from the trust and identity community is welcome (and encouraged) to join and contribute. Working groups are a key mechanism for the community to accomplish its work and move various initiatives forward. A list of these working groups and links to their respective wikis are at Here are summaries of the new working groups.

The Attributes for Collaboration and Federation Working Group will explore reasons default attribute release policies (ARPs) are not in place at most campuses, propose a default list of attributes for InCommon IdP operators, develop and execute a roadmap for adoption of R&S as well as a default ARP, and review and enhance online content for identity provider administrators, so they have a clear set of steps to follow to implement the desired approach. (Note: Participants for this working group only have specific stakeholder role requirements and will be selected by the sponsoring committees.)

The Streamlining SP Onboarding Working Group, will identify and document standards for Service Provider (SP) operation within the InCommon Federation. The availability of standards that help SPs onboard will add to the value proposition for SPs in the InCommon Federation and reduce variance in configuration and increase interoperability. The group will use the CIC Cloud Services Cookbook as a starting point and augment existing work, including implementation profiles, by integrating similar information into the standards.

The Deployment Profile Working Group is developing a deployment profile that describes required and recommended practices for Identity Providers and Service Providers operating in the Higher Education and Research community. This profile builds on the work of the previous InCommon implementation profile working group, which produced the Kantara SAML v2.0 Implementation Profile for Federation Interoperability. The deployment profile group is working on an update of SAML2int and the likely addition of a research and education federation-specific profile.

OIDC-OAuth Deployment Working Group  - A recent survey confirmed that there is already substantial use of the OIDC/OAuth2 protocols by campuses. However, using these protocols is substantially “less mature” in the higher education environment than the SAML protocols that have been used for the last fifteen years. This working group will bring together current users to develop and propose standard deployment practices in order to improve the likelihood of interoperation “just working.”

If you are interested in participating in any of these groups, please visit the relevant wiki page for contact information and meeting times.