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Tom Barton: An Expanded Role at Internet2

Jul 19, 2017, by Kevin Morooney
Tags: Frontpage News, Recent Posts, Trust & Identity

Dear Colleagues,

I’m pleased to announce that Tom Barton now has an expanded role with Internet2, working on trust and identity research engagement, while also remaining at the University of Chicago.

For Internet2 Trust and Identity, Tom will work on engagement with the research community as well as federation trust and security practices and the related infrastructure that federation operators should support to increase the value to the community. At the University of Chicago, he is now Senior Consultant for Cyber Security and Data Privacy.

This supports one of the clear messages heard during strategic planning sessions for InCommon—that support for research is of high importance. Tom’s long experience with the community—both in the U.S. and internationally—will help InCommon and its participants better deliver on the needs and requirements for research and virtual organizations.

Previously Tom was Senior Director and Chief Information Security Officer at the University of Chicago, and had earlier assignments as Director of IT Infrastructure and Director of Network Services at the University of Memphis, where he was a member of the mathematics faculty before turning to administration.

For the Internet2 and InCommon community, he is a long-time member of the InCommon Federation's Technical Advisory Committee and the REFEDS Steering Committee (an organization of international federation operators). He has also been heavily involved in the TIER program (Trust and Identity in Education and Research), serving on the TIER Community Investors Council, chairing the TIER Ad Hoc Advisory Committee and serving on advisory committee’s successor, the new Community Architecture Committee for Trust and Identity (CACTI). He also founded and led the Internet2 Grouper project for many years.

We welcome Tom’s new role with Internet2, bringing his experience and knowledge to advance our trust and security efforts and to engage with the research community.