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Moving from Vulnerability Management to Effective Vulnerability Response

Jun 01, 2017, by Matthew Buss
Tags: Frontpage News, Internet2 NET+, ServiceNow

Vulnerability management and remediation are daunting challenges for security teams. Manual processes, multiple cross-team hand-offs, and the proliferation of security tools hinder a team’s ability to quickly assess and remediate vulnerabilities and attacks. Security admins must manually sift through hundreds or thousands of findings each day, making it difficult or even impossible to determine which findings are the most important. Due to this flood of information, it takes over half a year for an enterprise to remediate website vulnerabilities according to WhiteHat Security’s “2016 Web Applications Security Statistics Report.”

Without automated and integrated solutions, security teams are forced to communicate via email, phone, and complicated spreadsheets. When analysts identify an imminent threat, they may not know whom to contact on another team for remediation. Relying on inefficient manual processes inevitably leads to a lowered security posture for the organization and could result in an eventual data breach or compromise. Choosing an effective security operations solution is essential for combatting these ever-increasing security challenges.

Join Jeff Battaglino, director of technical services & support, compliance & security at Seton Hall University on Tuesday, June 27 at 10 a.m. PDT/ 1 p.m. EDT as he shares how his team went from using spreadsheets for tracking vulnerability information and remediation progress to a new approach of vulnerability response with ServiceNow. Learn how connecting security and IT through automated workflows enables their team to speed remediation and significantly improves their risk profile. 

Topics to be covered during the session include:

  • The essentials capabilities for effective vulnerability response.
  • The importance of linking risk, configuration items, and vulnerabilities.
  • The power of integrating third-party vulnerability scanners and other sources with ServiceNow.
  • Tracking and reporting on vulnerability remediation progress made simple.
  • Lessons learned and best practices for improving vulnerability response.
  • Live demonstration of the ServiceNow Security Operations.

The session will include an interactive Q&A session hosted by Piero DePaoli, senior director of product marketing for the security business unit at ServiceNow.