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CINO May Update

May 22, 2017, by Emily Nichols
Tags: CINO, Community-Driven Innovation

Global Summit

Global Summit 2017 for CINO and the Collaborative Innovation Community (CINC UP) was a huge success, featuring cybersecurity researchers and the Smart Campus Initiative's Internet of Things (IoT) Systems Risk Management Task Force's demonstrations of Shodan and tools. For those of you unable to join us in Washington, the presentations are now available on the CINO Wiki.

CINO Program Advisory Group Meeting (Open)

  • Chief Innovation Office (CINO) and PAG Goal and Process
  • Collaborative Innovation Community (CINC UP) Evolution

CINC UP: Collaborative Innovation Community Meeting: IoT, E2ET&S, Smart Campus

  • Collaborative Innovation Community & Innovation Working Groups Update: Internet of Things (IoT), End to End Trust & Security (E2ET&S), Distributed Big Data & Analytics (DBDA)
  • Smart Campus Initiatives Update and invitation to participate
  • Smart Campus: IoT Systems Risk Management Task Force Update
  • IoT Risks Tools Brochure Shodan &
  • Vendor Management Document
  • TIPPSS for IoT: ITANA Collaboration and White Paper on Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety and Security for the Internet of Things on campus
  • Smart Campus-themed Cybersecurity Transition to Practice Researcher Presentations

CINC UP: NSF Big Data Innovation Hubs

  • NSF Big Data Hubs and Spokes Overview by Fen Zhao, NSF, and René Bastón Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub ED
  • How to get involved, connections for researchers, IT, regional networks

CINC UP: Cybersecurity Research Acceleration Transition To Practice (TTP) Workshop and Showcase (NSF #1650445)

  • University CIO Perspective on Leveraging Cybersecurity Research – Bruce Maas, University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • 11 Cybersecurity Researcher Presentations on Identity & Access Management, Network Security, Smart Grid, Cloud Security & Storage, Data Analytics & Security, and IoT
  • Researcher presentations and posters are available:

Other CINO Activities

The CINO continues to engage university, industry, and government members on innovation topics pertinent to them. This included innovation presentations and workshops at KINBERCON, Stony Brook University, Texas A&M University's NSF Big Data Hub Smart Grid workshop, NSF Big Data Hub's IoT for Smart & Connected Cities and Communities hosted at Georgia Tech, and ARE-ON. Topics of interest include Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, Diversity & Inclusion, and Smart Campus and Communities. Recent Collaborative Innovation Community (CINC UP) webinars include "Privacy Decision Making and IoT" presented by Clemson University and "Supporting Digital Humanities" presented by UC Berkeley and UCLA. Stay tuned for an exciting summer line up of CINC UP calls on virtual evacuation drills, cybersecurity research assets, smart grid, and more!