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May/June Trust & Identity News

May 22, 2017, by Dean Woodbeck
Tags: Trust & Identity
Nicole Harris introduces the Great Identity Debate at Global Summit
Nicole Harris introduces the Great Identity Debate at Global Summit

Netcasts are now available from the 2017 Global Summit, including Ian Glazer's keynote address, a lively "Great Identity Debate" hosted by Nicole Harris and Brook Schofield of GÉANT, and three additional sessions: Trust and Identity - Governance and Sustainability, TIER Roadmap: Working Together to Develop the Path, and TIER Stories from the Field: Harvesting Early Adopter Experiences.

The Internet2 Trust and Identity community has issued a new release of its TIER software, which includes a simplified installation process and a TIER Beacon function that will help developers and investors understand deployment trends. This also begins the TIER continuous release process, in which updates will be incorporated into the software as soon as they are ready for production, rather than waiting for a pre-determined release date.

Trust and Identity has announced two new advisory groups: the Trust and Identity Program Advisory Group (PAG), and the Community Architecture Committee for Trust and Identity (CACTI). The PAG will provide community oversight and feedback for Internet2 trust and identity programs. CACTI will offer technical guidance for TIER, InCommon, and other trust and identity services. Details and membership lists are at (PAG), and (CACTI)

The next IAM Online webinar features a presentation and demonstration of a user consent module - Consent and Attribute Release (CAR) - that will be an optional part of the TIER software and is in use at Duke University. CAR provides users with an easily understood display of attributes requested by an application and allows them to approve (or not) their release. The webinar is Wednesday, June 28, at 2 pm ET.

InCommon has three Shibboleth Installation workshops scheduled for 2017: June 13-14 in Denver, July 19-20 in Easton, PA, and November 7-8 in Bethesda, MD. The workshops focus on installation and some configuration of the Shibboleth identity provider and service provider software. Details at

InCommon was in the spotlight at a meeting on May 18 at the World Bank, sponsored under the auspices of the American Bar Association, the Open Identity Exchange, and activities at the United Nations. The goals of the meeting were to identify global and national needs for identity and recommend activities for the UN to undertake. Challenges range from the global mix of cultures and privacy laws to the capabilities of developing nations and to the refugees who have no nation. In the layering of general commercial law, specific identity laws (such as GDPR and legislation in Virginia), and trust federations, InCommon was the reference for what federations can provide and what they might need from the legal fabric above them to prosper.