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Updated TIER Production Release Now Available

May 22, 2017, by Bill Kaufman
Tags: TIER, Trust and Identity in Education and Research

The latest TIER release (Release 17040*) includes several new and updated features, including a simplified installation process and a TIER Beacon function that will help developers and investors understand deployment trends. The release includes the latest versions of all three TIER components (Shibboleth 3.3.1, Grouper 2.3.0, and COmanage 2.0.0).

This also begins the TIER continuous release process, in which updates will be incorporated into the software as soon as they are ready for production, rather than waiting for a pre-determined release date. This will enable adopters to quickly take advantage of improvements and new features.

The most current TIER release can always be found on the TIER Package Delivery wiki at
display/TPD/ TIER+

Adoption of the TIER components is a critical success factor for the program. Version 1.0 of the TIER Instrumentation functionality or “TIER Beacon” gathers only product version information and a TIER release identifier. Developers will use the aggregated information to make decisions based on deployment trends and the use of certain functionality. This data-gathering process will give insight into adoption and deployment trends. The Beacon functionality will also allow the TIER Program team to make informed decisions about whether certain major functionality is “on or off,” and when to consider retiring little-used old functionality.

Based on community feedback, we are accelerating work to provide the TIER components in native Docker containers. Your feedback is an important part of the TIER development lifecycle and an invaluable part of assuring that TIER Program is responsive to community needs. Please share your input on the TIER adopters email list.

The most current TIER release can always be found on the TIER Package Delivery wiki at

*17040 is an auto-generated release number output by the TIER build/test pipeline and is only provided to establish the specific build(s) for support and maintenance purposes. Specific information about any component in any release is referenced in release notes.