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TIER at 2017 Global Summit in DC - A Review

May 22, 2017, by Emily Eisbruch
Tags: 2017 Internet2 Global Summit, Frontpage News, TIER, Trust and Identity in Education and Research

Trust and Identity and the TIER program were at the forefront of conversations and buzz at the 2017 Global Summit in DC. Ian Glazer, the Tuesday keynote speaker at Global Summit, shared a vision of a trust, identity and security maturity model, and received rave reviews. The Trust and Identity track sessions were well attended and had excellent community participation, with special excitement around the lively Great Identity Debate, hosted by Nicole Harris and Brook Schofield of GÉANT.

TIER demos were on display during breaks and lunches on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. “The TIER demos at Global Summit were impressive, showing the solid benefits of the TIER work, and they complemented the information imparted in the program sessions,” commented Brett Bieber, Manager of Identity and Access Management at the University of Nebraska.

Links to slides, netcasts and videos are found below.

TIER Program Sessions, including netcast videos:

Many additional resources (netcast videos and slides) are available on the Global Summit website. To zero in on just the Trust and Identity sessions, view the Trust and Identity program track.

TIER Demos

Here is a quick summary of the four demos that took place at the 2017 Global Summit. You can still take an online spin of the Internet2 Community Collaboration Platform plus access the white papers for all of the demos.

  • Provisioning/De-Provisioning Commercial Apps & TIER – This demonstration showed how the grouping and authorization principles in the TIER Grouper Deployment Guide can be used to provide role-based access control (RBAC) and automated provisioning and deprovisioning to commercial and cloud applications. This demonstration highlighted the modular nature of TIER components, allowing campuses flexibility in deployment.
  • Instrumentation included in the new TIER Release – Version 1.0 of the TIER Instrumentation specification calls for each TIER container to send a daily "beacon". This beacon will contain only product (Shibboleth-IdP/Grouper/COmanage) information and a TIER release identifier.* This reporting data gives crucial insights to the TIER Investor Community regarding how and where the releases are being deployed so that adoption of deliverables can be directly measured.
  • The new Internet2 Community Collaboration Platform (ICCP powered by TIER) – Internet2 has deployed COmanage and will add Shibboleth and Grouper instances in creating a collaboration platform to seamlessly facilitate community working group management. The demonstration highlighted initial efforts to enable Working Group chairs to set up and manage their group’s use of tools and resources, while reducing the time and effort to manage these workflows
  • CAR (Consent-informed Attribute Release) – This demo showed Duke University's latest pre-production version that has made substantial progress since the 2016 TechEx demo. Once ready for production, CAR will be included in the TIER packages as an optional component for institutions to use to enable their users to manage release of their own information.Consent-informed Attribute Release, funded by an NSTIC grant, is a key part of enabling collaboration among organizations. Enabling the individual to consent to releasing his or her own information may allay stakeholder concerns about data release in the federated context.

The TIER team is planning additional demos for the 2017 Internet2 Technology Exchange in San Francisco.

(Above) TIER Demo at the 2017 Internet2 Global Summit