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Community Working Groups Creating Draft National Infrastructure Requirements

Mar 29, 2017, by John Moore
Tags: Frontpage News, Internet2 Network

At the 2016 Internet2 Technology Exchange, a call for papers was announced asking the community to provide their thoughts about future requirements for the community’s investment in national infrastructure over the next several years. Those submitting papers were invited to the January 2017 R&E Community Investment in National-footprint Network Services (RECINNS) Workshop in Tempe. At the RECINNS Workshop, two working groups, “Supporting Data Intensive Science and Network Research” and “Supporting the Academic Enterprise” were created to continue the discussions started at the workshop.

The goal of each of the working groups is to develop a first draft of requirements for the national infrastructure, focusing on some common themes addressed in the papers and the workshop (the themes addressed to date are listed below). A key principle for the group is to focus 2–5 years into the future, and to not be constrained by today's implementable technologies, but rather to consider desired-state solutions. The groups will meet a total of three times each prior to the 2017 Internet2 Global Summit and then invite the community to join them for a shared working group session at the 2017 Internet2 Global Summit on Wednesday, April 26, 7:15–8:30 a.m. (location TBD).

The themes for the Data Intensive Science and Network Research working group include:

  • Security and privacy
  • Breakable testbed
  • Programmability and orchestration
  • Data movement service
  • Compute and storage

The themes for the Academic Enterprise working group include:

  • Cloud services
  • Visibility and performance management
  • Shared services
  • Big data
  • Supporting research facilitation
  • Research to pilot to production - Innovation lifecycle
  • Peering
  • Programmability and orchestration