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Trust & Identity Overview: March 2017

Mar 30, 2017, by Dean Woodbeck
Tags: Frontpage News, Trust & Identity

Global Summit 2017 will feature an excellent lineup of Trust and Identity sessions, including sessions on attribute release, the TIER roadmap and stories from the field, plans for governance and sustainability for trust and identity, particularly federated services, and a half-day TIER architects and working group meeting. For an overview of these and other sessions, see Preview of Trust and Identity at 2017 Global Summit.

The next monthly IAM Online webinar will feature a discussion of the policy issues and implications of multifactor authentication. Rich Graves is in the unique position of having implemented two different multifactor solutions - Google 2-Step and Duo - at the two colleges he serves, Carleton College and St. Olaf College. The webinar will take place Wednesday, April 12, at 2 pm ET.

An InCommon working group conducted a survey to gauge interest in adoption of the OpenID Connect and OAuth protocols. There was a strong response (more than 100) and significant interest (84%) in having support for these protocols built into the Internet2 TIER software. The working group’s final report, including recommended next steps, is available on the OIDC Survey Working Group wiki.

The March TIER Newsletter features a focus on TIER Security by Klara Jelinkova, Rice University and TIER Community Investor Council Chair, and an overview of "Adding Multifactor Authentication to Federation", by Tom Barton, University of Chicago. This newsletter also includes updates on each of the TIER working group activities and more.

Trust and Identity has two consultations open to gather community feedback. "Trusted Relationships for Access Management: The InCommon Model" provides a high-level introduction to how trust works in the federation. "TIER Grouper Deployment Guide" documents a common community approach to deploying the Grouper enterprise access management software.

InCommon support has moved to Internet2's new deployment of the service desk ServiceNow. Participants still send support requests to, but that email will now create a ServiceNow ticket and enter the service desk queue and be assigned to the appropriate person.

Interested in Grouper training? Sign up for the June 4 workshop "Grouper in Action - Access Management Strategies for Higher Education and Research" at Open Apereo in Philadelphia.