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Global Network Architecture Status

Mar 21, 2017, by Dale Finkelson
Tags: Advanced Networking, Frontpage News

The vision for the Global Network Architecture (GNA) work is "Globally Connecting Science, Research & Education," with the aim of assuring that services in support of research and education between continents is closely aligned to that within those continental networks.

The GNA Technical Working Group has finished with writing the Version 1.0 guidelines. These documents include guidelines for Exchange Points, a description of the Reference Architecture for the GNA, Operations and a number of other topics. These documents can all be found at under the resources tab. There are also white papers on Virtualization, Information Architecture and the Commons available on the website.

An Interactive map laying out a vision for how the GNA may develop is at

Currently organizations are able to, based on their understanding of these documents, declare resources to be managed in accordance with these guidelines. In response to this call there have been 17 Exchange points and over 20 circuits determined to be so managed with more expected. These resources span most of the globe.

There will be a GNA Technical Working group meeting at the Global Summit in Washington, DC on April 26.

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