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NET+ Zoom Adds Participating Campuses, Features, Funding

Feb 27, 2017, by Ben Fineman
Tags: Internet2 NET+, Zoom

I had the pleasure of visiting Zoom's headquarters in San Jose, CA today. Despite the intermittent downpours and flash flood warnings, it was an excellent opportunity to touch base with our newest NET+ video collaboration platform. And, while Zoom may be the newest to NET+, they are wasting no time expanding their deployment to Internet2 connected campuses and evolving the service. In the few months that Zoom has been in the NET+ program, eleven institutions have signed up for NET+ Zoom, and there's no sign of adoption slowing down. The NET+ Zoom Advisory Board is forming to tackle the issues most important to Internet2 members – and good news is on the horizon for InCommon Federation integration, IPv6 capability, and a number of other focus areas. If your campus is interested in participating in the NET+ Zoom Advisory Board, there are a few slots left – but remember that your campus must be using NET+ Zoom to participate.

I was pleased to learn that while all this has been happening, Zoom has not been idle on the commercial front either. Zoom recently announced that they raised $100 million in Series D funding from Sequoia, and they have crossed the sought-after valuation threshold of $1 billion. But Zoom's commercial success has not gone to their head.

During my time at the Zoom headquarters I was impressed to meet not only sales and executive staff but a large concentration of developers, diligently working to improve the product. Also, seeing their front line call center intermingled with the rest of the core staff was pleasantly surprising – no outsourcing happening here. Finally, my conversation with the security staff was gratifying – not only did they know what the Cloud Controls Matrix was, but they had already completed it, even before joining the NET+ program.

Realtime video and audio collaboration is a critical service for many Internet2 member institutions, and it's exciting to see what the partnership between campuses and Zoom will bring next. 

Zoom will be sending key staff to attend the Internet2 Global Summit in April, so if there's a conversation you'd like to have with them there please let me know. And, if you won't be joining us in Washington DC, don't hesitate to reach out anyway – I have a hunch we can figure out a way to connect face to face.

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