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Internet2 to Begin Using ServiceNow Service Desk Functionality

Feb 22, 2017, by Dana Voss
Tags: InCommon, Internet2 NET+, ServiceNow

As part of our ongoing effort to provide better more coordinated member support services, Internet2 has acquired ServiceNow software to eventually be used across all of the Internet2 divisions as a new "front door" for support.

On March 27, Internet2 will begin using the service desk functionality of ServiceNow. While the plan is that members will see few changes when they interact with Internet2, some things will be a little different.

This initial rollout will involve redirecting support email addresses for NET+ and Trust and Identity (specifically InCommon) into ServiceNow. Those email addresses will remain unchanged and individuals will continue to send requests in the same way they do now. However, the issues will now be tracked in ServiceNow and Internet2 staff will use the software's internal portal to handle those requests.

Community members who interact with these support email addresses will begin to receive automated email notifications generated by the ServiceNow platform.

This is part of a larger effort within Internet2 to streamline service and support by implementing common service management practices throughout the organization.

Longer term the service management program is intended to: 

  • Replace or modify most of our existing monitoring, incident, problem and tracking tools to provide consistency.
  • Provide easy-to-navigate online tools for requests, services, and support.
  • Support common practices across Internet2 while accommodating unique operational needs
  • Leverage community federated identity tools to better support members and virtual communities
  • Create a scalable design that supports future enhancements and accommodates ¬†specialized needs
  • Incorporate robust reporting processes to provide key performance indicators and provide members with a clear view all requests from their organization

Network Operations support, monitoring and trouble reporting will remain with the Internet2 NOC, which is managed by the GlobalNOC at Indiana University. In future phases we expect to migrate other support methods to ServiceNow, as well. Network Operations support will remain unchanged until integration with the GlobalNOC ServiceNow instance is completed in a later phase.

Presenting service support for all Internet2 Services in a unified way will be a big win for the community. In the next phase, we will offer an integrated view to our members of our services via a portal interface.