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Adoption Planning: Kicking the TIER Tires

Feb 13, 2017, by Meredith Lovelace
Tags: Trust & Identity, Trust and Identity in Education and Research

by Klara Jelinkova, VP & CIO of Rice University and Chair of the TIER Community Investor Council

This month's issue is dedicated to our next big step - campus adoption of TIER products. The TIER community is gearing up for campus adoption and inviting you to kick the tires and give us feedback on how we're doing and what you think you'll need for your local deployment. Your feedback is critical to the success of the program and ensuring we have the right feature set that helps all of us.

Campus Tire Kickers: To help spur this activity, we've published a list of campuses that have indicated they will be testing and providing information on the suite (see "Who's Trying TIER" in the left column on this wiki).  Called the TIER Tire Kickers, this group commits to testing the TIER components and providing feedback. This group will be key to keeping us on the right course. If you’d like to participate and have your school added, please send email to Emily Eisbruch ( A commitment to testing is required. 

Gauging Needs for Adoption: The TIER Community Investor Council (TCIC)  and the Research University CIO Conclave (RUCC) will host a RUCC-member workshop prior to the RUCC March meeting regarding TIER adoption. Below is a set of questions to be discussed at the workshop.

Given we're at the cusp of a production release of TIER, we're starting to plan for adoption needs and invite you to provide feedback on what you’d like from the TIER Program. We can't guarantee that all requests can be fulfilled, but having this information will help us work with TIER Program staff to plan for next steps.

If you’d like to provide your ideas regardless of whether or not you're a RUCC member, please send your answers to Ann West ( We will compile the answers and provide a summary back to the community so you can see where you fit in the spectrum. Just one set of replies per school please.

The questions are: 

  1. What benefits have you seen from TIER?
  2. Where is your institution on TIER adoption?
    1. Which of the following components and related services did you have/use in production before 2015?
      1. ​Shibboleth, Grouper, COmanage, InCommon Federation
    2. Which of the following components and related services do you have/use in production today?
      1. Shibboleth, Grouper, COmanage, InCommon Federation
      2. Which, if any, are TIER versions?
  3. Do you believe you have a good understanding of the benefits and functions of each component? If not, which component(s) would you like to learn more about and in which areas (value prop, architecture, use cases, and so on)
  4. What plans do you have to test and/or adopt TIER components?  If you don't have plans, why not?
  5. What barriers do you have in adopting TIER? What could we offer to help you adopt?
  6. The TIER Community Investor Council and TIER Program communications consist of the TIER monthly newsletter, working group websites and calls, and face-to face meetings. Which of these communications methods are most and which are least effective? Is there a method that you would find helpful that is missing?
  7. Does your team participate in the working groups? If yes, which working groups? What do they find useful and what is not useful? 
  8. Are there other things the TIER Program office can do to help you further our work together? 

Thank you very much for your help, support and enthusiasm. We could not do this without you!

Klara Jelinkova on behalf of TCIC