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NAOPpag Update, December

Jan 20, 2017, by Linda Roos
Tags: Advanced Networking

William Deigaard (Rice University) chaired the December Network Architecture, Operations and Policy PAG meeting. The primary topic was input to Internet2 staff on the planned Internet2 Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation service. George Loftus described the community process that had been used to create the service, starting with a community group to create a list of requirements. Based on those requirements, an RFP was sent to several vendors and the community group reviewed the RFP responses. A community group has also reviewed the business model. Each community group has provided valuable input to the process. The NAOPpag asked a number of excellent questions and provided input to further refne the service. Internet2 will continue to work with a provider to finalize the service and launch a pilot. In other matters, the NAOP heard a report on the process to create a new operations agreement and reviewed guidelines for NAOPpag chair rotations. The NAOPpag will kick off 2017 in February with a review of 2016 PAG activities as well as a look forward to Network Services initiatives for 2017.