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TIER Community Contributors Make the Difference

Jan 13, 2017, by Emily Eisbruch
Tags: Trust & Identity, Trust and Identity in Education and Research

The start of the new year is a great time to extend appreciation and kudos to all the TIER community contributors who provide their valuable expertise and ensure that the TIER program addresses the community’s requirements. Below are links to contributors who were profiled in TIER newsletters during 2016. The community is indebted to all the TIER community contributors and to the institutions who make their service possible.

TIER Contributor Home Institution
Richard Biever Duke University
Rob Carter Duke University
Warren Curry University of Florida
Janemarie Duh Lafayette College
Gabor Eszes Old Dominion University
Jim Fox University of Washington
Michael Hodges University of Hawaii
Tom Jordan, James Babb and Jon Miner University of Wisconsin-Madison
Brian Savage Boston College
Bill Thompson Lafayette College

TIER community work and collaboration will continue in 2017 with additional focus on TIER adoption. If you are interested in getting involved with a TIER or InCommon Working Group, please visit these links and contact to the working group chair:

Photo of James Babb, Tom Jordan, and Jon Miner

(L to R) James Babb, Tom Jordan, and Jon Miner,
University of Wisconsin-Madison. Read about their contributions to TIER.