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University of Guam at 2016 Technology Exchange

Dec 13, 2016, by Sara Aly
Tags: 2016 Technology Exchange, International Community

By Randy Dahilig and Jose Dante Santiago

Hafa Adai! The Internet2 Technology Exchange (Tech Ex) 2016 Conference in Miami, Florida was an unforgettable experience! The conference was an excellent opportunity for us to represent the University of Guam and meet with research and education network engineers from around the world.

At the University of Guam, we are interested in creating our very own research and education network that we hope can connect to Internet2. This will give researchers at Guam’s only university the ability to share real-time data and resources with our colleagues working at some of the world’s best research institutions.

Making Progress

We had the opportunity to give a presentation during the Tech Ex conference. We shared our interest in taking advantage of Guam's strategic location in the Western Pacific as a nexus of connectivity for global research and education networks. We also discussed the campus preparations for connecting to Internet2 by improving and investing in our current cyber infrastructure.

Jose Santiago speaking at the
2016 Technology Exchange

One of our success stories is our past collaboration with the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC), the University of Hawaii, and the University of Oregon. Through these partnerships, we held a training workshop on campus network design for higher education institutions across the Pacific region.  Without the guidance, feedback, and technical help from this collaboration, our university would not have had the opportunity to improve its network infrastructure.

Making Contacts

Tech Ex was also a great opportunity for us to network with the Internet2 community members. We met with Internet2 president, David Lambert, and senior program and service manager, Dale Finkleson, both of whom offered their support and willingness to collaborate with the University of Guam in the future. Our conversations with conference participants about our endeavors at the University of Guam were positive and encouraging.

We are honored to have made the 30-plus hour trip to attend Tech Ex in Miami. We left the conference feeling inspired to push towards our goals, continue to innovate, and take on leadership roles in IT for our island and region.  Most of all, we are extremely thankful to the Network Startup Resource Center and Internet2 for awarding us the 2016 Tech Ex fellowships. This was our first trip to the mainland United States—what a rewarding experience it has been!

About the authors:

Randy Dahilig is a graduate of the University of Guam’s computer science program. He is a junior network engineer at the University of Guam, helping to improve on-campus internet connectivity for researchers, students, faculty, and staff. In his free time, Randy enjoys reading and playing basketball.

Jose Dante Santiago is also a graduate of the University of Guam’s computer science program and a junior network engineer. Originally from the Northern Mariana Islands (Saipan), he has been employed with the University of Guam since 2012, and enjoys spending his free time socializing with friends and family.