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TIER Production Candidate Coming December 19th

Dec 05, 2016, by Steven Zoppi
Tags: TIER, TIER Software, Trust & Identity

By Steve Zoppi and Bill Kaufman, Internet2

The TIER production candidate package is under final testing and will be released by December 19 via the Internet2 website.

This release will feature containerized versions for each of the three TIER components: Shibboleth, Grouper, and COmanage. The goal of this release is to encourage early adoption by campuses because all future release progress will depend on proper and thorough testing of these containers. Ease of installation and product worthiness (for production deployment) are principal design requirements of the TIER components. Campus experience is the only way for us to determine these qualities. The primary objective is that this, and subsequent updated releases, will afford campuses the opportunity to gain experience with the TIER component suite while paving a seamless path for adoption into their production environment.

The DevOps Ecosystem (click for larger image)

If you have not yet read the previous article about our DevOps direction, please take the time to do so. The article contains important concepts about our direction toward enabling campus self-sufficiency in the evolution of the TIER environments of the future. Questions about this document and our direction can be posed via multiple channels but the preferred channel is the open discussions on the TIER Architecture email list, To join this list, simply send an email to with the subject: subscribe tier-architecture. 

A subsequent email coming later in December 2016 will provide instructions as to how to obtain the TIER production candidate component suite.