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Enabling Discovery by the Exabyte

Dec 01, 2016, by Robert Vietzke
Tags: Advanced Networking, Frontpage News

As a community of research and education institutions, Internet2 members are engaging in world-class research and making discoveries that transform our world. Our commitment to members has always been to support research, education, and service missions by providing the network capability to move big data that assists in their collaboration efforts. So we are pleased to announce one of Internet2’s biggest milestones to date: The Internet2 Network—by October 1—had already moved over one exabyte in 2016. To put it into perspective, that’s equivalent to streaming the entire Netflix catalog more than 3,000 times. We’ve come a long way since establishing Internet2 network services.

The chart below highlights the network growth in petabytes from 2008 to 2016. What does this mean to you? Share with us (and the larger Internet2 community) how this achievement enables your research by tweeting @Internet2 and using #i2exabyte #poweringresearch. We’d love to hear from you and we’ll publish testimonials throughout the new year.

Internet2 Network data growth in petabytes
(Above) Internet2 Network data growth in petabytes (Updated Jan 6, 2017) - Click for larger image