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NAOPpag Update, October-November

Nov 29, 2016, by Linda Roos
Tags: Advanced Networking

The Network Architecture, Operations and Policy Program Advisory Group (NAOPpag) held meetings in October and November. William Deigaard chaired the October NAOPpag meeting with a primary topic of Internet2 Network Services plans, priorities and programs. The Internet2 Board Program and Priorities Committee (PPC) put in place Internet2 2017 priorities of the Internet2 Network and Trust and Identity. The group discussed the priorities and plans as currently formed for 2017. Wendy Huntoon chaired the November NAOPpag meeting and the primary topic was an update on services offered by Internet2 Network Services. An RFP for a cloud-based volumetric DDoS mitigation service was released in October and responses were reviewed by a community team in November. Plans for offering such a service are progressing. Standing agenda items including the 2016 Internet2 Network project, the Operations Excellence Community Steering Team (OECST) report and network-related research activities were covered in each meeting.

2016/2017 Internet2 Network Upgrade Project: Ongoing work to upgrade the backbone with more capacity, a move to MPLS, and development of a new OpenFlow testbed continues. Hardware migration in 20 cities is now completed. Progress can be checked via the Internet2 Network Upgrade Project Progress map.

Operations Excellence Community Steering Team (OECST) report: The OECST visited the Global NOC at Indiana University in early October and developed a committee report, which was shared with the Internet2 Board in early November. The Internet2 Board has now tasked a subcommittee to look at implementation of a new agreement with Indiana.

Network-related research report: Wendy Huntoon reported on a recent meeting held for NSF CC* (CC-NIE, CC-IIE, CC-DNI) PI's in Philadephia. John Moore updated PAG members on the recent GENI (now called the Future Infrastructure Consortium) meeting, and shared Internet2’s intent to support the future program. NSF is preparing a solicitation for project office function, a group consisting of five to six different organizations.

Finally, the NAOPpag asked Wendy Huntoon and William Deigaard to continue as chairs through the coming Global Summit, to be held in April 2017.