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CINO November Update

Nov 23, 2016, by Emily Nichols
Tags: CINO

The Chief Innovation Office (CINO) continues to engage university and regional members in collaborative innovation discussions including Smart Campus and Communities, Internet of Things, Smart Grid, and Cybersecurity. These discussions have occurred at: University of Maryland in partnership with the Maryland Regional Network MDREN; Lehigh University in partnership with the Pennsylvania Regional Network KINBER; Princeton University; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and SUNY Albany in partnership with NYSERNET; and the NJEDge Annual Conference. Florence Hudson was invited to present on a panel at the IT Architects iN Academia (ITANA) conference at EDUCAUSE regarding Internet of Things risks, privacy, and security. The Chief Innovation Office hosted a webinar with US-IGNITE and the Quilt to present the NSF Smart & Connected Communities solicitation and collaboration opportunities to our mutual members with 85 attendees. 
Internet2 participated in the Quilt meeting in Philadelphia, hosting a discussion on how the regional networks and Internet2 can work together to support the NSF big data innovation hub data sharing efforts with university and industry members. 
As part of the NSF EAGER Cybersecurity Transition to Practice grant, CINO held its first webinar on November 18. During the webinar, NSF funded awardees reviewed their cybersecurity research assets that could be piloted or tested in an R&E environment. Many thanks to presenters Radu Scion from SUNY-Stony Brook and Christos Papadopoulos from Colorado State University for sharing their assets, CipherLocker and Named Data Networking. For those unable to attend, the slides and a recording are available. Interested in learning more about the NSF EAGER Cybersecurity Transition to Practice grant, an opportunity to showcase and test applied cybersecurity research? Email
Florence Hudson and Emily Nichols authored a chapter on the Internet of Things and Cognitive Computing in an Elsevier Handbook of Statistics, Volume 35, Cognitive Computing: Theory and Applications. Use cases of healthcare and smart transportation envision what could be in the future as IoT and cognitive computing deliver insight together to better inform choices and improve outcomes.
The Collaborative Innovation Community will be hosting two webinars in December. On December 6th at 12PM ET, Susan Ramonat of Spiritus Partners will discuss IoT Cybersecurity and Blockchain. And on December 14th at 2PM ET, the Collaborative Innovation Community is partnering with IAM Online to provide an introduction, aspirations, and discussion of TIER – Trust and Identity in Education and Research. Interested in joining the Collaborative Innovation Community and participating in these webinars and more? Email