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TIER Production Candidate Coming This Fall

Nov 03, 2016, by Bill Kaufman
Tags: TIER, Trust & Identity, Trust and Identity in Education and Research

The release of a TIER production candidate package will be announced later this fall.

This release will be produced using a continuous integration (CI) build/test pipeline, a key feature being developed by the TIER Packaging working group. Steve Zoppi explains the nature of this process in The Landscape of DevOps, which was highlighted in the August TIER Newsletter.

This production pipeline will enable the addition of small updates to TIER components and features to be easily integrated, tested, and made available in a continuous and regular cadence eliminating long cycles of major releases.

The TIER DevOps Ecosystem (click for larger version) (Left - Click for larger version) The TIER DevOps Ecosystem

The TIER Packaging working group is developing scripts to enable more automation in the initial installation and configuration. A campus will be able to obtain a virtual machine image of one or more TIER components ready to install and run. The result will be a better out-of-the box experience, making TIER component(s) adoption smoother and more straight-forward.