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Update on Timelines and Deadline Extension for New Infrastructure Planning

Oct 21, 2016, by Robert Vietzke
Tags: Advanced Networking, Frontpage News, Network Infrastructure

Internet2 is receiving substantial feedback related to the Call for Papers (CFP) that John Moore, associate vice president of network architecture and planning, issued regarding the future Internet2 infrastructure. The forward-looking community requirements that the CFP will generate will be invaluable and most certainly will create an opportunity for the community to have a much deeper conversation about the future of the Internet2 Network! Given the large interest in the CFP, we are pleased to extend the deadline for submissions by one week to Tuesday, November 8th.

The CFP has also generated some questions about the process after the papers are received and I thought it would be useful to clarify that the process only goes so far as to collect requirements at this point - it does NOT lead directly to any decisions to finalize or implement any plans or investments. What we hope to have happen is that upon receipt of the papers, we will begin a community discussion, first with the paper authors at a meeting in January, and then with the broader community at the Global Summit in April, 2017. From those two meetings and other conversations that will occur, we hope to have initial community requirements that we can share with the new Internet2 CEO upon their arrival and eventually with the Internet2 Board thereafter. Actual implementation planning for an infrastructure upgrade would start sometime thereafter with a yet to be determined implementation start date, likely no sooner than late 2018, but possibly significantly later depending on how the community requirements map to current capabilities, emerging technology readiness and other factors we will learn as requirements and opportunities become more clear.
With the great work that the Internet2 and the GlobalNOC team is doing in 2016 to update some network hardware and augment capacity, the Internet2 Network is in wonderful shape to support the community for the foreseeable future. The planning process that the CFP has started and the advance planning that has built financial resources for a refresh gives the community a planning opportunity that we have never had before. We can celebrate the luxury of having this requirements gathering and planning process, but also be clear, there is no plan or immediate need to begin a project on any specific timeline and the community and new Internet2 leadership will have multiple opportunities to see both the requirements and the plan develop before a timeline is set.
We look forward to receiving your input through the CFP process and to sharing the papers and other insights that will develop throughout the first half of next year!