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NAOPpag September Meeting Update

Oct 10, 2016, by Linda Roos
Tags: Advanced Networking, Advisory Group, Network Architecture, Operations and Policy

The Network Architecture, Operations and Policy Program Advisory Group (NAOPpag) met on September 14, 2016. Wendy Huntoon, PAG co-chair, opened the meeting. Jay Plasterer provided an Internet2 financial update and indicated that Internet2 is focused both financially and programmatically on the top goals identified by the Internet2 Board Program and Priorities Committee--the Internet2 Network and Trust and Identity. Jay indicated that directing investments toward the two major areas of focus more directly ensure that expenses are in alignment with a slowing revenue growth. Decisions that support sustainability include scaling back on professional services, adjusting staff investments and seeking facilities changes.

The NAOP heard reports on standing items.

  • 2016 Internet2 Network upgrade project: John Moore indicated that the 2016 Internet2 Network project is proceeding well with successful upgrades in Kansas City, Sunnyvale and Cleveland. By the end of September, 13 of 18 hardware swaps have been completed.
  • Operations Excellence Community Steering Team report: Members of the Operations Excellence Community Steering Team (OECST) reported that the group met with Internet2 in Denver and will visit the GlobalNOC in October. The OECST expects to deliver their final report to the Internet2 Board during their November meeting.
  • Network-related research: The NAOP will focus on two areas of network-related research: 1) a research project regarding security and 2) internal work on research support activities. Future discussions will be devoted to those two areas.
  • Community input to NAOP: The group discussed mechanisms for the community to provide input to Internet2 via the PAG. For example, as PAG members attend meetings (e.g., WestNet), they will bring back input to the staff. Both the PAG and Internet2 staff will seek opportunities to encourage such input.

In new business, Paul Howell led a discussion on a document that was originally prepared to provide guidance to employees on how to respond to a legal request received. The NAOP agreed that the document was valuable and other organizations may be able to use it as a guide to their own policy documents. Finally, John Moore gathered input from the PAG on a document that he had prepared to announce a Call for Papers (CFP) on the 2018-2023 Internet2 Network upgrade opportunity. John will announce the CFP during the Technology Exchange. The CFP is intended to cast a wide net to hear the ideas of a broad array of researchers, global representatives, and, university professionals, and to get a diversity of thought about what the community wants from the next iteration of the network. The authors of 20 papers chosen by a community review committee will gather in early January for a workshop. That will lead to a report on the next iteration of the network to be discussed during the Internet2 Global Summit.