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Preview of TIER at the 2016 Internet2 Technology Exchange

Sep 19, 2016, by Bill Kaufman
Tags: 2016 Technology Exchange, TIER, TIER Software, Trust & Identity, Trust and Identity in Education and Research

In the August 2016 TIER newsletter Steve Zoppi, Internet2 associate VP for services integration and architecture, introduced The Landscape of DevOps within TIER to provide insight into the TIER development and production process that has evolved to respond to initial and ongoing community requirements.

At the 2016 Internet2 Technology Exchange in Miami, September 25-29, community members will get a first view of a new TIER community testing and usability platform, also known as the Demo Workbench. Attendees will have the chance to see first-hand demonstrations, examples and "showcase explanations" of work products being generated through the efforts of the TIER Working Group teams, including:

  • An end-to-end implementation of one of the narratives from the Reference Architecture using the Demo Workbench platform and featuring a small-scale but full-featured TIER IAM infrastructure.   
  • Consent-informed Attribute Release (CAR). A set of user interfaces, API’s and associated components that implement a consent-informed attribute release service that works across a variety of protocols, identity providers, and application needs.
  • IdMatch service - a method of determining if a person presented by a System of Record is already known to the Identity Management System.
  • Preview of COmanage v1.1.0 including capabilities for pre-loading existing external source records to simplify onboarding.

Other emerging components of the TIER DevOps environment to be presented in various sessions include:

  • The TIER Reference Architecture (please see the blog) - This reference architecture is intended to describe the respective API and component boundaries that campus Identity and Access Management (IAM) architects may use as their guide in determining where campus solutions can bridge to / connect with the TIER community solutions.
  • The Grouper Deployment Guide (a work in progress) intended to provide technical guidance for an initial deployment of Internet2 Grouper and later be expanded to other TIER components.
  • TIER Instrumentation and Monitoring - a relatively new collaboration to provide monitoring services in the TIER release to provide measurable feedback on community adoption along with minimal usage statics.

TIER Future Release Planning

  • An overview of the continuous integration build/test pipeline using containers that the TIER Packaging Working Group has been developing.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the 2016 Technology Exchange in Miami.  You can view the Technology Exchange Program filtered for Trust and Identity events.