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Executives to Discuss Higher Education Security Issues at Internet2 Technology Exchange

Sep 16, 2016, by Andrew Keating
Tags: 2016 Technology Exchange, Frontpage News, Higher Education, Internet2 NET+, Security

Security considerations increasingly impact enterprise IT service selection and delivery and responding to information security incidents cause disruptions to campus operations. With a seemingly always increasing array of security risks facing campuses like ransomware, endpoint security, data protection, and cloud security, the higher education community has been actively engaging with a number of enterprise IT security providers. Strong partnerships bring security solutions that best meet higher education’s needs. 

At the Internet2 Technology Exchange, my colleague Saqib Awan from Lightspeed Ventures and I will be convening a panel of founders and senior executives from enterprise security companies to discuss the threat landscape and security solutions for higher education. Panelists have decades of experience in networking, security, and the technology industry and will be sharing their insights on how higher education can meet their campus missions and still manage these threats. 

Register for the Technology Exchange if you haven’t already and join us for what promises to be a fascinating and lively discussion exploring some of the most pressing issues facing higher education enterprise IT practitioners today. The panel is held Monday September 26 at 12:10pm in the Isles room. 

Panelists Include:

Dan Amiga
Co-Founder and CTO of FireGlass, a cybersecurity startup which commercializes military grade network security concepts into paradigm shifting enterprise security products. Amiga has spent years doing IT security in the IDF intelligence where he was focused on inventing and developing new security solutions that go far beyond firewalls, proxies or heuristic based anti-malware solutions. After moving to the private sector, Amiga has worked for the Microsoft Technology Center as a senior consultant for highly secure organizations, governments and critical infrastructure companies. He then moved to the energy giant Schneider Electric where he held the position of Chief Software Architect. Amiga has given talks in major international security and software conferences and is also an adjunct professor in the Interdisciplinary Center, Israel, teaching advanced cloud computing topics.

Mario Puras
Mario Puras joined Netskope on August 2013 where he serves as Vice President of Solution Architect and has worldwide responsibility for Netskope's Pre-Sales and Cloud Security Architect teams.  Prior to Netskope, Mario was at Juniper Networks were he spent 8 years in various lead engineering, architect and leadership roles.  He brings nearly 20 years of experience in networking and security.
Roy Katmor
Roy Katmor is the CEO of enSilo and a 15-year seasoned product manager and security market strategist, combining strong technical knowledge with proven sales and marketing skills. Prior to enSilo, Roy led Akamai’s security strategy. Before that, he managed Imperva’s data security products and architecture management. Additionally, Roy held various product management and R&D leading roles at several international public and privately-held companies. Roy holds a BSc in Information Systems from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, and MBA in finance and business strategy from the Hebrew University.