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2016 Internet2 Network Upgrade Progressing

Sep 13, 2016, by John Moore
Tags: Advanced Networking, Internet2 Network

In May of 2016, Internet2 announced the kickoff of the 2016 Internet2 Network upgrade project. There are three phases to the project including (1) equipment swaps to standardize on a single-vendor platform, (2) building an MPLS core to support the production needs of the academic enterprise and (3) building an SDN-based overlay to support network and distributed systems research and experimentation. The core serves the needs of most data-intensive, collaborative research efforts with highly reliable services, while the overlay provides an agile platform for experimentation into new networking technologies. Internet2 is having active conversations with connectors and users of advanced services (such as GENI users) to ensure that there is a smooth transition to the new MPLS core and SDN overlay.

The first phase, the equipment swap phase, is about half completed. In this phase, upgraded chassis are being deployed and nodes are being consolidated into a single chassis, allowing all Advanced Layer 3 Services to be available on all nodes.

Check the latest Internet2 Network Upgrades map to watch the progress.

At the 2016 Technology Exchange, we will have a discussion regarding the project at the Connector/Network Member BoF (Tuesday, 5:30–7:00), as well as during “The Internet2 2016 Core Network Re-Architecture” (Tuesday, 1:30–1:50) and “SDN Overlay” (Tuesday, 1:50-2:20) sessions.