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NET+ Amazon Web Services (AWS) by DLT Increases Network Peering to 100 Gb/s with Improved Resiliency

Aug 24, 2016, by Sara Jeanes
Tags: Amazon Web Services

Internet2 member institutions now have added resiliency and capacity to access their AWS environments at 100Gb/s. 

This latest enhancement is a good example of the collaboration between Internet2, DLT Solutions, and AWS to continually improve the NET+ AWS by DLT program—now with nearly 50 universities participating—expanding the community scale benefits for all each month. 

The NET+ AWS by DLT program was initially launched with 60Gb/s of privately peered capacity between Internet2 and two AWS Regions: US East and US West (Oregon). Over the last year and a half, the Program has seen a significant uptick in usage. As a result, Internet2 has increased peering to 100Gb/s of network capacity to accommodate this growth. Additionally, this peering extends benefit to the broader community beyond AWS usage—since many other NET+ cloud services are hosted on AWS.

Nationally, Internet2 traffic to Amazon Web Services has been most concentrated in the eastern portion of the US, so additional capacity was added to support this AWS Region. Internet2 and the NET+ service advisory board campuses will continue to monitor utilization and work with DLT and AWS to support additional capacity to these regions as well as other US-based AWS Regions as they come online.

In order to receive the pricing and contract term benefits achieved with even greater scale, all Internet2 Members are encouraged to join the current NET+ AWS participants. Internet2, DLT, and AWS will also continue to improve the NET+ AWS by DLT offering to better serve members and welcome suggestions and feedback. Benefits of the Program include:

  • Community negotiated Enterprise Customer Agreement (ECA) including a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for patient-related workloads
  • A Data Egress Fee Waiver for outbound traffic from AWS over the Internet2 Network
  • Single sign-on (SSO) for account management with campus credentials via Internet2’s InCommon Federation
  • Additional discounts based on total amount of community usage

Learn more about the NET+ AWS by DLT program 

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