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NAOPpag Meetings during 2016 Global Summit

Jun 10, 2016, by Linda Roos
Tags: 2016 Global Summit, Network Architecture, Operations and Policy

The NAOPpag held a closed PAG meeting and an open session for the community during the 2016 Internet2 Global Summit.
NAOPpag Open Session
On May 16, during the Internet2 Global Summit, the NAOPpag held an open session for the community. New NAOPpag members were introduced and welcomed and those rotating off the PAG were thanked for their many years of service (see below for lists of PAG members). The PAG presented information regarding projects and progress during the past year. Then, background on the 2018 upgrade opportunity for the Internet2 network was provided and a discussion ensued regarding collecting requirements for the network, ensuring that a broad cross section of the community is represented in the requirements gathering. 
NAOPpag Closed Session
After introducing the NAOPpag members and thanking those rotating off the PAG (see lists below), the PAG discussed the recommendations of the Internet2 Board Program and Priorities Committee (PPC) that Internet2 focus on two priorities for 2017: the Internet2 Network and Trust and Identity in Education and Research (TIER). The PAG is especially interested in supporting the PPC focus on the Internet2 Network upgrade opportunity that will begin in 2018. By this time next year, Internet2 expects to provide a plan for that upgrade after having spent the next year gathering community input on requirements for the network. There is interest in balancing production and innovative uses of the network and discussion ensued regarding how to be use the network in innovative ways. The PAG also discussed the work of the Operations Excellence Community Steering Committee (

2015 NAOPpag Member Transitions
The NAOPpag expresses gratitude to the following members of the PAG who willrotate off the PAG after the 2016 Global Summit and have collectively provided excellent support to the community via their NAOP participation:

Doug Comer, Purdue University
Dave Jent, Indiana GigaPoP
Michael Lambert, 3ROX
Dave Lois, WiscNet
Charlie McMahon, Tulane University
Paul Schopis, OARnet
The NAOPpag welcomed the following new members:

Celeste Anderson, USC/Los Nettos
Doug Carlson, New York University
James Deaton, OneNet
Wendy Huntoon, KINBER
Joe Sawasky, Merit
Jim Stewart, UEN
2016 NAOP Members

Celeste Anderson, USC/Los Nettos
Roy Campbell, University of Illinois
Doug Carlson, New York University
Dee Childs, University of Alabama-Huntsville
James Deaton, OneNet
William Deigaard, Rice University
Wendy Huntoon, KINBER
Harvey Newman, Caltech
Michele Norin, Rutgers University
Joe Sawasky, Merit
Jim Stewart, UEN
Marc Wallman, North Dakota State University
Jeff Schwab, Purdue University, NTAC representative